GCRW August 2017 Newsletter

GCRW August 2017 Newsletter PhotoLadies,

Well, we have survived the firecracker hot month of July in the south, and with good fortune the month of August might give us a respite with cooler temperatures.

There are changes coming for the fall of 2017 for the GCRW’s meeting place. The Executive Board met this past Wednesday at Gaston Country Club (GCC) for lunch, and voted to move the GCRW lunch meetings to Gaston Country Club, beginning September 21, 2017. Same meeting time, 12 noon.

The GCC offers a soup (2 soup selection) and salad bar (salad bar includes a wonderful chicken salad) for lunch. The method of paying will be the same as when we met at the City Club, each GCRW member will pay Bonnie Jansen (Treasurer) when they arrive. The prices for lunch will vary with what is ordered, pricing will include gratuity and taxes. GCC Members’ lunches will be billed to their GCC club account.

Prices are as follows: remember taxes and gratuity, plus tea are included in the below prices:

  • Soup and Salad/ tea $14.00
  • Salad only/ tea $ 11.50
  • Soup only/tea $ 7.50

The NC General Assembly did some mighty fine work in 2017, so please take time to personally thank them. They are in alphabetical order: Senator David Curtis, Senator Kathy Harrington, Rep Dana Bumgardner, Rep Kelly Hasting, and Rep John Torbett. Hats off to each of you for your hard work in making NC one of the leading states in the country.

Please welcome our new members: Charlene High, Janie Peak, and Candy Thomas.

Dates to remember:

  • Summer Birthday Girls: Cindy Hughes, Debbie Windley, Cassandra Longeway, Cheryl Pittenger, Alice Brown, Alice Auten, Lori Kimble, and Sharon Jarvis Moss.
  • GCGOP Meeting August 14, 6 PM dinner, 7 PM meeting begins, Hillbillies on Garrison
  • GC Young Republican meeting (age 20-40), Aug 17th, 6 PM, Olio’s Restaurant, Garrison Blvd, Gastonia.
  • GCRW Reading Right Book Club, meets Monday, Aug 28th, 7 PM, Thai House Restaurant. Book of the Month, the Ladies of the Club, Helen Hooven Santmyer




You Might Be A Republican Woman

You Might Be A Republican Woman

By Joanne Lapple, Greater Greensboro Republican Women’s Club

A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you honor the glory of the red, white and blue.
You believe in faith, family and personal responsibility,
And never take for granted the blessing of our liberty.
A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you think for yourself and value what’s true.
Equal opportunity must be guaranteed for all.
Hard work and grit determines our rise or fall.
A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If your heart swells with pride for our troops and veterans too.
You believe life is precious, be it unborn or old,
That moms and dads know best what their children are told.
A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you believe honesty in Washington is long overdue.
The media tries to define us but they’ll never admit
Republican women are committed, strong, and compassionate.


One of our newest features is this blog where we’ll be able to share updates with you, our members and supporters.  We’re looking forward to using this site to better engage with our community.