A Letter from the President

You Chose A Perfect Reason to Get Involved!

Whether you’re interested in supporting candidates, running for office yourself, or becoming part of your county and state Republican Party structure, you will find what you need with the Gaston County Republican Women, a federated Club in the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women.

Besides direct involvement in politics, our club does numerous public service projects for our state and local communities, including the Dottie Martin Teacher’s Scholarship, Nancy Reagan Pathfinder Scholarship, Caring For America, Mamie Eisenhower Library Project, Barbara Busy Literacy Project, and the Americanism Essay Contest.

The NCFRW unites women as a collective force to positively impact the direction of our nation, while also advancing the power of women through political access and participation.  We offer information, programs and privileges to our members while drawing on their collective talents, ideas and desire to participate. From lawyers, doctors, and teachers to politicians, housewives, and grandmothers, we attract women from all walks of life.

Our members are elected officials or Party leaders at the national, state and local levels and together, we strengthen our Republican Party, empower Republican women, and create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

We look forward to having you in GCRW!

Suzanne Riley

GCRW President 2016 – 2018